Bioregioning in Tayside – old

We’re starting to map people and organisations across Tayside who are already acting in bioregional ways to enhance local ecological systems.

Our aim is to bring everyone working in this way together, however formally or informally, large or small, to foster connection and grow bioregional activity in the area.

Set across 1,000 square kilometres of eastern Perthshire & western Angus, the Cateran Ecomuseum is a museum without walls – all its sites are outside. Originating in France in the 1970’s ecomuseums, like bioregions focus on the identity of a place (with the term “eco” being a shortened form for “ecologie”). Offering a much more holistic frame for the interpretation of heritage form traditional building based museums, they  give equal importance to natural as well as cultural assets and offer a focus for sustainable community development and regenerative tourism.

Highland Boundary captures the unique and unusual flavours of the Scottish wilderness and distils them into wild-inspired & botanical Scottish Spirits and Liqueurs. All the botanicals used are from woodlands either on the owners’ farm or nearby. They are careful to only harvest a small amount of foliage, flowers or berries from any single plant, taking in one season only what would be browsed naturally.  This means plants stay healthy and plenty is left for the wild animals, birds and insects that also rely on mother nature.