Bioregioning Tayside

“Bioregioning reframes the way we see the places where we live and work, helping us reconnect to and restore the ecological systems of which we are a part and upon which we all depend.”

Clare Cooper, co-initiator Bioregioning Tayside

The concept of a bioregion helps us to see the unique places where we live and work with new eyes, so that we can:

  • realise that where we live is shaped first and foremost by the natural, geographic environment
  • remember the primacy of those natural systems in facilitating our survival and the value therefore, of protecting them
  • reconnect with those natural systems, and each other, through the unique places where we live
  • re-orientate our human activity in our locality – economic, social – to promote resilient environments and livelihoods
  • restore the natural systems on which we all depend
Diarmuid's Grave, Glenshee, photo Clare Cooper