Author: Clare Cooper

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Community-led Food Growing

We’re in the process of identifying and mapping community-led food growing and production initiatives in Tayside to create a publicly accessible map, and find out what funding and support is required to strengthen the network. I came across your initiative and would love to include it! To kick things off, could you please confirm your location, share…

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Riverwoods Investment Readiness Pioneers Award to new River Ericht Catchment Restoration Initiative

The new River Ericht Catchment Restoration Initiative has been confirmed as the second project[1] in Scotland to receive a Riverwoods Investment Readiness Pioneers award. The River Ericht, one of the most important spawning grounds for Atlantic salmon in Europe, is in crisis. Extreme weather caused by climate change, historic and current land management practices and…

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Bioregioning Tayside Learning Journey 2022: How Can Participatory Science Bring New Solutions to Ecosystem Restoration?

Our fourth Learning Journey event focused on the role of Participatory Science in ecosystem restoration. Participatory Sciences, including Civic Science, Citizen Science and Community Science involve communities co-producing new knowledge about the places where they live and work. This community and participatory process, which can involve collecting place-based ecological and physical data alongside social and cultural information... View More

Films From Our First Meet Up in October 2021

We had our very first Meet Up in October 2021 with four amazing contributors from the USA, Austria, Sweden and Scotland. First up was Glenn Page from Sustainamatrix in Maine in the USA. Glenn has 30 years of experience building bioregional and ecosystem stewardship across the world. He led an amazing International Bioregional Learning Workshop that we joined... View More