Author: Clare Cooper

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Bamff Wildland

Bamff Wildland Bamff is an upland farm on the edge of the Scottish Highlands owned by the Ramsay family. From the 1980s, they have been doing pioneering environmental restoration including, since 2002, the successful re-introduction of beavers. They are now re-wilding over 450 acres, in the style of the renowned Knepp Wildland in Sussex. 12 fields,... View More

River South Esk Catchment Partnership

This South Esk Catchment is of immense value to a variety of users from the local community, to businesses, and tourism providers. It is a source of drinking water, irrigation for crops, watering for livestock, a valuable habitat for wildlife, and acts as a basis for tourism, recreation and salmon fishing. In fact it is a... View More

Marine Life Angus

Cetacean life in Angus waters is little understood although locally and nationally priority cetacean species inhabit its waters. Priority species include: Bottlenose Dolphin Harbour Porpoise Minke Whale All of these priority species have been seen in the waters surrounding Angus but no real data exists about presence, species numbers and sightings frequency. Some Scottish priority... View More

Scotland The Bread

Grown on Balcaskie Estate in Fife, Scotland The Bread's traditional grains have been meticulously researched and chosen for their suitability for the Scottish growing conditions and climate, their biodiversity, their considerably higher levels of vitamins and minerals than conventional grains, and their exceptional flavour. Scientific testing has also proven that Scotland The Bread’s flours are,... View More