Telling a new story of place

By Clare Cooper
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Bioregioning is a concept that holds us in a new pattern of relationships with ourselves, each other and the land, enabling us to tell a new Story of Place.

Being able to tell this new story is important because stories are powerful things – they are fundamental to how people learn and organise what they know.

Alyth & District Agricultural Show, photo Clare Cooper

And deep connection to place unleashes the personal and political will needed to make profound change. It can also unite people across a diverse ideological spectrum because place is what we all share: it is the commons that allows people to call themselves a community.

Reinforcing identity through a bounded sense of belonging to a place, telling a Story of Place that homes in on its bio-cultural essence and finds the threads that link all these things into a coherent whole can raise the potential of a Bioregion to operate at its best: telling a can-do story of resilience and possibility.


“Rootedness in a place is the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.” Simone Weil